LEONARDOVALENTINI is an aesthetic project of artisanal experimentation with precious leathers, lightweight silks, and embroidery research, accompanied by meticulous attention to detail in all its exclusively gold jewelry metalwork.

In the logo, two cupids. They kiss and strike simultaneously, framing the collections as part of a deeply personal story of the designer, connected to each of them. No gender, no season: genderless & seasonless.

An increasingly intricate story that begins with introspective inspiration, creating specific elements that define the DNA of the brand.

Sensuality, boldness, and cool allure define the brand’s silhouettes, narrating a more complex narrative from collection to collection. Wild, punk. Kinda Wild, Kinda Glam, Kinda Punk!.


My flaw is letting my head go further beyond than my existence…” this is how the young brilliant Leonardo Valentini introduces himself: creator and founder of his self-titled brand, Creative Director of an American brand and style/design consultant for a German brand.

Born in Rome, he makes education the focal point of his training as, he claims, it’s the only way “you have the freedom of self-aware transgression“.
After graduating in fashion with scholarship, an academic diploma and a master’s degree from the Polimoda institute in Florence, he creates his first collection called “Polemeros” (Polemos and Eros, war and love) in 2019, where the stylistic story is an angel who slowly dirties his wings with situations that will eventually make him human.

I love sports but I play backwards; difficult things often become easily manageable for me and simple things can get absolutely complex“was one of the phrases he said in one of his very first interviews where he concluded in a clear and ironic way “I have never smoked, I do not drink alcohol and I have never used drugs, could this be a problem for a potential stylist today?”.

With his “Eroticangelo” Collection, he’s now bringing to life his most visceral aesthetic project: floating towards a passionate path of experimentation and constant mutation.


Made in italy
Craftsmanship, quality materials, creative research in clearly conveying the message and story behind the worn garment create an unbreakable bond between product and consumer that characterizes all the brand’s silhouettes and looks.

Exclusive Glamour
Express your personality. Express yourself through an independent, free, unrestrained and maximalist lifestyle. We satisfy our customers and their quirks by proposing garments where attention to every detail match those made-to-measure: sort of a prêt-à-couture with an erotic imprint.

We collaborate with artisans and small specialized companies of our territory so that they can benefit from the results. We therefore chose to produce in Italy, using clothing leather waste to create everything that is part of the accessories.