Decontextualizing a chessboard by making it entirely white, thus removing its functionality and purpose. The connection to the artist Marcel Duchamp, his expertise in the same game, and his Ready-Mades. “The red roses are white.” In the context of Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts decontextualizes similar to Duchamp but in a completely different way. She alters her own reality through her authority, stripping away the meanings of the various symbols within her kingdom, thereby becoming a victim of her own power.


Gitani, zingari di Spagna…” Already in their name, they have a Latin transliteration, “aegiptanus,” which means Egyptian. In this way, an act of alteration between meaning and reality takes place. A gypsy Romani woman in search of love, closely connected to the symbol of the heart, personifying the queen and an element of meaning.

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